lunes, 9 de julio de 2012


MEMORY - 2012

"We are our memories, are this chimerical museum of forms,
that heap of broken mirrors."
Jorge Luis Borges

      Participation artists of diverse nationalities without age limit.
      The theme is "MEMORY"
      It will be possible to take part with a maximum of three videos.
      The work may last no longer than 10 minutes.
      The deadline for submitting works ends on October 15, 2012
      The Artists interested in participating should send the required documents via email to the following address:
      The artists who are selected will be contacted via email on October 22.
      Selected artists agree to send the video files of the selected pieces within 1 week after its communication. Files may be sent via Internet and will comply with the following format: Quicktime movie (. Mov), 30 FPS, 16:9, Audio 44,100 KHz.
      The organization is not responsible for the cost of shipping and return of the videos.
      The video sample will take place from the third week of NOVEMBER in the city of Lima in diverse cultural centers of the capital.
      The organization will not provide to the selected artists with any economic contribution. There will send to them via mail the material of diffusion, catalogs, etc.
      The organization is committed to the widest possible dissemination of the works selected in the sample and the proper projection of the videos.
      Selected artists agree to donate the rights of exhibition of their videos during the term of the sample and for post sample dissemination activities. Also, they agree to the transfer of images for dissemination, promotion, and archiving of the festival.
      ((. Mov)) is an itinerant exhibition and seeks to participate in various festivals and samples of national and international level, so all material submitted as part of the library and the videos will be used for that purpose.
      The participation in the sample implies the acceptance of the present bases.


1.  The technical specifications of the videos submitted should include: title, autor or authors, year of production, duration and brief explanatory synopsis of the pieces. The synopsis must have the specific explanation of the thematic "Memory", request the form to
2. Link the videos for full and proper display. The link may be to youtube, vimeo, the artist's personal website, etc.
3. Two images of each of the works presented in JPEG format at a resolution of 300 DPI and a maximum size of 30 x 30 cm.
4. Resume of life of the artist or group indicating contact information

Why show memories in ((. mOv))?

Because it is on the basis of these individual memories that we create collectivity, a memory that agglomerates the individualities and take them into consideration. Each of the videoart in ((. Mov)), are representations of individualities and at the moment of being part of the sample they will be part of a whole. What will say to us that whole? What collective memory will go out of this experiment?


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